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Agility is an active sport requiring communication and teamwork. The dog's athletic ability is showcased by the handlers ability to guide them through a set course of varied obstacles. From foundation skills to Elite course performance, every step of training should be fun for both dog and handler as you learn to work together on obstacle performance, directional cues, distance work, and turns.

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Behavior Consultation
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Behavioral health is a huge component of the overall well-being of our pets and our relationships with them. If you are struggling with a dog who is displaying unwanted behavior, schedule a Behavior Consult. Whether your dog is fearful and retreats or boisterous and loud, all behavior serves a purpose to your dog. Help your dog navigate difficult situations with confidence and calm so you can enjoy your dog at home and in public.

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Treibball is a sport designed to access or develop your dog's ability to herd. Dogs work off handler's cues to move exercise balls around a course and into a final goal. Dogs learn how to wait, go out, and push balls toward handler. Sometimes going through obstacles or turning the ball on cue.

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Dogs learn to work scent puzzles in a variety of different elements. The four elements in competition are: Interiors-Exteriors-Vehicles-Containers. Search elements were modeled after the challenges our professional (military and police) search dogs face. Big or small and everything in between any dog can excel at this sport.

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