What we are all about

For the Love of Dog offers a range of courses for all levels of training. From basic manners to advanced sports. No matter which program you choose we are all about improving the relationships with our furry friends.


From foundation skills to Elite course performance, every step of training should be fun for both dog and handler as you learn to work together on obstacle performance, directional cues, distance work, and turns..


Whether your dog is fearful and retreats or boisterous and loud, all behavior serves a purpose to your dog. Help your dog navigate difficult situations with confidence and calm so you can enjoy your dog at home and in public.


Treibball is a sport designed to access or develop your dog’s ability to herd. Dogs work off handler’s cues to move exercise balls around a course and into a final goal. Your dog will learn the valuable skill of impulse control.


Dogs learn to work scent puzzles in a variety of different elements. Search elements were modeled after the challenges our professional (military and police) search dogs face. Big or small any dog can excel at this sport.

When you know better-you do better.  

The goal of each class is to help you build clarity, confidence, and cooperation in your dog so you can enjoy all the amazing things a dog can do. If you want to have a calm companion to take in public, a competitive performance sport canine, or give your dog enriching activities, we offer something for everyone.


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