Behavior Wellness and Cooperative Skills

Behavioral health is a huge component of the overall well-being of our pets and our relationships with them. If you are struggling with a dog who is displaying unwanted behavior, schedule a Behavior Consult.During your consult, you will be able to assess what may be causing or maintaining your dog’s problem behavior. Learn to work through simple exercises to increase likelihood of desired behavior in place of those you want to discourage. Whether your dog is fearful and retreats or boisterous and loud, all behavior serves a purpose to your dog. Help your dog navigate difficult situations with confidence and calm so you can enjoy your dog at home and in public.

To schedule a Behavior Consult or Private Training, send email to:

Please include vital information on what you would like to work on and what days and times you would be available to meet.

Behavior Consult 
$125/45 min session

Meet with a trainer to assess your dog’s current skills and strengths and develop a training plan to help you train critical skills such as -Loose Leash Walking-Waiting patiently (in car or crate) -Gentle Greetings- Recall-Focus-Calmness-Leave it-Drop It. Let us know what you feel is missing from your current reliable skills box. Maybe you have trained skills but they are not reliable or only work when there are not distractions. Spend your training time and money to specifically meet your personal needs. Progress at your own pace and schedule lessons around your current schedule.

Private Training $85/session

Once you have completed your initial Behavior Consult, follow up lessons may be scheduled at your own pace to ensure steady progress through your new training plan. Deterring unwanted skills and adding more appropriate skills requires consistent home practice. Your follow up appointments will give you the next small steps to progressing to your goals. If you weren’t able to work or schedule has shifted you are still able to schedule each follow up individually to ensure the most consistent progress.

Puppy Right Start On-Line Program
$100/4 weeks

There are so many things a puppy needs to learn -where should you start? Whether you are raising a family pet, a travel buddy, or a working dog -there are skills that all dogs need to learn to be great companions. Building confidence will help your puppy grow into a confident adult. Through our choice-based training program we will strengthen the pathways we want to reinforce to get positive skills and start the road to good adult behavior choices.

Puppy Right Start Private Lessons $85/40 min

In-person lessons scheduled around your busy life as a new pet parent. These in-person private lessons will help you form the essential foundation skills on which to build your confident cooperative puppy. 

Puppy Right Start Training Package $350

This training package includes the full online training program plus four private in-person lessons to test and grow your skills.