Sharon Gakstatter 
CCPDT-KSA, Pro Dog Trainer

Dream it-
Do it

I am a firm believer in creating goals and through time, patience, and persistence almost any dream you dream can come true. Go ahead and think big-what are your goals for you and your dog. 

Are you ready to start a new journey with your dog? 

Choose a professional that has years of experience in offering choice-based reinforcement training programs for all disciplines. 

Sharon holds several certifications that ensure the lessons  provided give you the most up to date positive training techniques available. 

One of a few trainers in Oregon certified to the level of CPDT-KSA. This certification requires 300 hours of training experience, a written exam, and hands on training evaluation. This certification requires continuing education credits for re-certification ensuring most current studies, training methods, and theories are part of the training programs offered. Attended workshops from Agility, Nose Work, and Behavior experts and incorporated new learning into curriculum.


Certified K9 Nose Work Instructor. Competing in NACSW and SDS Nose Work Trials with multiple dogs. Helping grow the sport through hosting ORT’s, Trials, and workshops. Seeing a dog’s confidence grow through this sport has been a wonderful experience. Receiving a Pronounced designation with two NW3 titles shows the teamwork that has been developed through training and trialing.

Sharon is a certified Judge for NACSW Trials and a Certifying Official for NACSW Nosework Trials. Seeing this sport from all different angles gives a unique perspective in training and trialing.

Wag It Games Certified Instructor Tier II. Wag it Games offers many avenues for competitors in Scent Work, Dog Ball, Shadow Skills, Agility and more. Authorized to judge WIG competitions.


Completed the Absolute Dogs Pro Dog Trainer course in 2017. This program was a 10 week intensive course covering health, behavior and training focused on using the dog’s natural abilities and motivations. This course really focuses on understanding and training the dog you have.  Exercises are tailored to individuals to ensure progress and help handlers achieve their goals.