Rugby was adopted from a shelter at 8 months of age in 2011. He was picked up as a stray and nobody claimed him. I reveled at his calm, quiet demeanor at such a young age. Rugby won my heart with his friendly personality and willingness to try anything. 



Jinx was adopted from a shelter in 2012 the day after her transport from a shelter in California. I was on staff the day she arrived shocked, insecure, and afraid. I have spent the rest of my days with her building confidence and trust. To see her blossom bit by bit is a thing to behold. 



Harley was adopted from a breeder in 2012. He is officially my daughter’s dog and didn’t really do much until he was older when I had puppy fever but knew adding another dog to our household was not quite what we all needed at the time. He wan’t sure about all this work stuff but when he catches on to something it is fantastic. 



Myka was adopted at 3.5 months of age from Three River’s Humane Society in 2017. I visited the foster home when he was just 9 weeks old and he stole my heart. I had to wait to adopt him until a vet check and neutering could be arranged. He came down with Parvo (almost died) and had to spend additional time at the shelter recovering. He came home with me and it has been a wild ride ever since. 


Looking forward to many adventures with Mighty Marvel.