Our classes provide foundation skills to competitive Agility handling based on Susan Garrett’s Handling 360 Agility program. Susan is a World Team member for Canada several years in a row with several different dogs. Her focus on developing a dog with the physical ability and mental clarity of cues provides a solid support for a winning team.

Agility I Foundations

This course is designed to introduce dogs and handlers to the foundation skills needed to build confidence and communication. Our flatwork exercises will get you and your dog moving together and learning cues that will help you navigate courses as you grow your agility skills.

 Cone Drills-Jump Exercises-Front Crosses-Obstacle Introduction-Strength/Conditioning

Agility II
Special Skills 

This course takes your foundation skills and adds specific obstacle cues. We will introduce timing of cues as well as cue discrimination. You will build your repertoire of handling skills and cues to get you through the many challenges of agility handling.

-Directional cues-Discriminations-Send and go-Tunnel challenges

Agility III

Each session will challenge you to take your agility skills and test them with short sequences. Learn when to give appropriate cues to seamlessly guide your dog through the short sequence challenges. Learn when to do a front cross or rear cross. Learn to handle:
-Serpentines- Threadles -Pinwheels-Blind Crosses

Advanced Agility

Put all your foundation skills to the test. Full courses with challenges of distance, discrimination, and directionals. Learn where your dog needs support and when you can send and go. Learn to do a course walk through to anticipate where you need to be and what handling maneuvers you will need to get your dog efficiently through the correct course. Whether you are competing or not this course will keep you and your dog in competition form.