Treibball is a sport that uses communication between dog and handler teams to move exercise balls through a pre-determined course. Your dog will learn how to maneuver an exercise ball on the flat and through or around obstacles as you learn to direct movements in straight lines and turns. Learn different games with specific challenges in ball movement and perfect your communication skills with your dog.

Treibball Basics

Learn basic cues and positions needed to communicate with your dog. Dogs work around the balls but learn to wait for communication to work the ball. Teach your dog to line up on the ball to get the best movement toward the goal, move to another ball, and go away from you to a balanced position ready to work.


Treibball-Ball Skills

Now that you have the basics, let’s get that ball moving. We will teach dogs to maneuver the ball through and between obstacles, over bumps, and into a goal. We work on maintaining a good position to move the ball most effectively and handler cues to move from one ball to another.



We will use the individual skills learned in the previous sessions and add skills to be able to run short courses. Working on improving a dog’s ability to balance the ball between himself and handler and push ball toward handler and goal.