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Sharon Gakstatter CPDT-KSA, CNWI,WIG Certified Instructor II

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For the Love of Dog offers a wide variety of classes including Cooperative Skills, K9 Fitness, Agility, Nose Work, and Behavior Modification training for dogs. Whether you are just starting out, ready to compete, or wanting to keep challenging your dog's understanding, we offer programs that encourage teamwork, understanding, and trust. Our relationship based training will help you understand the dog you are working with and how to best work together to meet training challenges.

The goal of each class is to help you build clarity, confidence, and cooperation in your dog so you can enjoy all the amazing things a dog can do. If you want to have a calm companion to take in public, a competitive performance sport canine, or give your dog enriching activities, we offer something for everyone.


One of a few trainers in Oregon certified to the level of CPDT-KSA. This certification requires 300 hours of training experience, a written exam, and hands on training evaluation. This certification requires continuing education credits for recertification ensuring most current studies, training methods, and theories are part of the training programs offered. Attended workshops from Agility, Nose Work, and Behavior experts and incorporated new learning into curriculum.


Certified K9 Nose Work Instructor. Competing in NACSW and SDS Nose Work Trials with multiple dogs. Helping grow the sport through hosting ORT's, Trials, and workshops. Seeing a dog's confidence grow through this sport has been a wonderful experience. Receiving a Pronounced designation with two NW3 titles shows the teamwork that has been developed through training and trialing.


Wag It Games Certified Instructor Tier II. Wag it Games offers many avenues for competitors in Scent Work, Dog Ball, Shadow Skills, Agility and more. Authorized to judge WIG competitions.


Agility trainer and competitor for over 20 years. Holding titles on multiple dogs in USDAA and NADAC Agility Venues. Placing in the top three at the Willamette Cup in 2016-2018 with two first place finishes. Member of Susan Garrett's Handling 360 and Agility Nation programs.Training and competing mixed breed dogs both large and small has given a better perspective on tailoring training programs to each individual dog for maximum success.